The Private Sector Development Hub (PSD Hub) was launched in January 2005, as part of the bi-lateral relations between the Ethiopian governments and the Swedish government; and with Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) fund. The PSD Hub was established as a strategic tool of enhancing the capacity of the Ethiopian business community.



The vision of the PSD Hub is to see a developed and prosperous private sector in Ethiopia through improving, modernizing and enabling the entrepreneurial environment, strengthening the capacity of the private business sector and constructively contributing to the national dialogue with stakeholders on economic development.



The overall objective of the third phase of the PSD Hub program is to contribute to economic growth of Ethiopia by creating an enabling environment for private sector development.


Programme Organization

The PSD Hub is governed by the Steering Board, chaired by the president of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations with members drawn from government, donors and the business community. ECCSA provides administration and legal support to the Hub. The Hub operations are run by the Hub manager supported by professional and support staffs.

Private Sector Development Hub (PSD Hub)
Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations
7th Floor, Room no. 704
Tel: 251-11-5549684
Fax: 251-11-5517699


PSD Hub publications (click to Download)
  1. A Study on the Determination of the Share of the Private Sector in Ethiopian Gross Domestic Product
  2. Assessment of Urban Development Practices on Business Expansion in Ethiopia
  3. Baseline Survey on Competition and Markets in Ethiopia
  4. Company Registration in Ethiopia
  5. Desk Review of Studies Conducted on Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia
  6. Enabling the Private Sector to Contribute to the Reduction of Urban Youth Unemployment in Ethiopia
  7. How to Optimize Advantages of Accession to the World Trade Organization & Measures to be taken to Meet Possible Challenges
  8. Land Lease Policy in Addis Ababa
  9. Livestock Resource potentials
  10. Market Potential Assessment and Road Map Development for the Establishment of Capital Market in Ethiopia
  11. Narrowing Trade Deficit through Increased Import Substitution
  12. Position of the Business Community on the Revision of the Commercial Code of Ethiopia
  13. Review of the Legal and Institutional Framework for Market Competition in Ethiopia
  14. Review of the Recommendations of the Business Community for Inclusion In the PASDEP
  15. Situation Analysis of Business and Sectoral Associations in Ethiopia
  16. The Impact of Border Clearance Procedures on the Cost of Doing Business in Ethiopia
  17. The Impact of Ethiopian Labor Laws on Business Efficiency and Competitiveness
  18. The Impact of Tax Reform on Private Sector Development
  19. The Impact of Telecommunications Services on Doing Business in Ethiopia
  20. The Management of Commercial Road Transport in Ethiopia
  21. The Potential for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Ethiopia
  22. The Road to Private Sector Led Economic Growth
  23. Property Rights Protection and Private Sector Development in Ethiopia



Researches and Studies Commissioned by Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (ECCSA)
  1. Access to Finance in Ethiopia: Policy, Regulatory & Administrative Impediments (EPPCF)
  2. The Role of the private Sector in Promoting Small holders productivity Growth in Agro Food Sector (PSD-Hub)
  3. Revisiting the Ethiopian Private Sector Associative Formats with the view of fostering stronger private sector (PSD-Hub)
  4. Mainstreaming Value – Chain Analysis in the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (PSD-Hub)
  5. Development of National Business Agenda for Ethiopian Public Private Consultative Forum (EPPCF)
  6. The Study on Public Procurement and Private Sector in Ethiopia, Trends prospects and Challenges (PSD-Hub)
  7. Ethiopian Code of Business Ethics (PSD-Hub)

To Access the above documents please get in touch with PSD-Hub or
EPPCF or ECCSA Resource & WTO Reference Center (RC)
Mexico Square, ECCSA Building 7th floor, Room No. 705
Tel:  251-115522957 (RC)  or

        251-115549684 (PSD-Hub)   or
        251-115514005 (Secretariat)  or
Fax: 251-115517699