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ECCSA's Latest News

The chamber has provided briefings for the newly appointed ambassadors.

Ato Solomon Afework president of ECCSA presented the overall activates of the chamber. Additionally the secretary general of ECCSA Gashaw Debebe elaborated the bilateral relations the chamber had for the last few years with their respective mission. Ambassador Samiya Zekaria, Ambassador Negash Kibret with two others expressed their appreciation on what the chamber has been doing. Moreover, they expressed their readiness to closely work with ECCSA in order boost trade and investment between our country and with their respective mission host by.

Public Private Dialogue on Public Procurement Laws and Their Implementations

The sixth Permanent regular conference of Public Private Dialogue has been conducted on this Tuesday, 30th of December 2014. The forum has analyzed the challenges and proposed recommendations ought to on the agenda of public procurement laws and their implementations. In the forum Ato Fekadu Petros, higher adviser of PPD project presented the research which covers metal, textile, IT and construction sectors. Following the presentation, discussion ,which jointly led by President of ECCSA Ato Solomon Afework and director of Federal Public Procurement and Property Administration Ato Tsegayie Abebe, has been made.

In the forum around 200 participants from the suppliers, major public buyers, representatives from Federal Public Procurement and Property Administration; regional and city administrations’ finance and economic bureaus were on attendance.

Public Private Dialogue on Manufacturing Productivity & Competitiveness

The Public Private Dialogue has been conducted today here in Addis tabled the agenda on impediments and recommendations of the manufacturing sector competitiveness in Ethiopia. The agenda raised the financial supply shortages, scarcity of raw material, poor quality of Human resource supply, unreliable infrastructure, weak technological capability in course of production, irresponsible and environment- blind production, ungrounded policy frameworks, and so forth as major bottlenecks. The private sector has also add some additional problems that hinders the national theme which to enable the manufacturing sector to seizing the lion share in the economy. Beyond the acceptable problems and possible suggestion presented by the forum, different government officials were trying to pinpoint on the research pose by the forum. The forum appreciates the continuation of such dialogues on different agendas in the future.

የምክር ቤቱ አበይት ዜናዎች

በአምራች ኢንዱስትሪው ላይ በሚስተዋሉ ተግዳሮቶችና የመፍትሔ አቅጣጫዎች ላይ ውይይት ተካሄደ

“የኢትዮጵያ የአምራች ዘርፍ ምርታማነትና ተወዳዳሪነት ችግሮች እና የመፍትሔ ሀሳቦች” በሚል ዓብይ ርዕስ የኢትዮጵያ የንግድና ዘርፍ ማኅበራት ምክር ቤት ያዘጋጀው የውይይት መድረክ የውይይት መድረክ (validation workshop) በሀርመኒ ሆቴል ተካሄደ፡፡ በዘርፉ የተሰማሩ ባለሀብቶች፣ የማህበራት ፕሬዚዳንቶችና ዋና ፀሀፊዎች፣ የፋብሪካና ኢንዱስትሪዎች ዋና ሥራ አስኪያጆች በተገኙበት የተካሄደውን የግማሽ ቀን የውይይት መድረክ በሰብሳቢነት የመሩት የምክር ቤቱ ዋና ፀኃፊ አቶ ጋሻው ደበበ ሲሆኑ “ የመመካከሪያ ጽ/ቤቱ ዛሬ ለናንተ የሚያቀርበው የጥናት ፅሁፍ ገና ያልዳበረና መነሻ ሀሳቦችን ብቻ የያዘ በመሆኑ ጉዳዩ በቀጥታ ከሚመለከታቸው ከናንተ እጅግ ጠቃሚ የሆኑ ሀሳቦችን ለማግኘት እንዲያስችል ታስቦ የተዘጋጀ መድረክ ነው” ብለዋል፡፡ያንብቡ

ምክር ቤቱ ከፌዴሬሽን ም/ቤት ጋር በመተባበር የብሔሮች ብሔረሰቦች ህዝቦችን ቀን አከበረ

የኢትዮጵያ የንግድና ዘርፍ ማኅበራት ምክር ቤት ከፌዴሬሽን ምክር ቤት ጋር በመተባበር የኢትዮጵያ ብሔሮች ብሔረሰቦችና ህዝቦች በዓለን በግዮን ሆቴል አከበረ፡፡ ከ300 በላይ ጥሪ የተደረገላቸው እንግዶች አቶ ካሳ ተክለ ብርሃን ከአስከፊው የደርግ ስርዓት መውደቅ በበተገኙበት የተካሄደው የግማሽ ቀን ክበረ በዓል የመክፈቻ ንግግር ያደረጉት ኋላ ለ9ኛ ጊዜ በቤኒሻንጉል ጉምዝ ብሄራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት የሚከበረው የዘንድሮው የብሔሮች ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦች በዓል ልዩ የሚያደርገው ህገ መንግስታችን በህዝቦችን ፈቃድ ላይ ተመስርቶ የተገነባው አንድነታችን መሰረት የተጣለበት፣በእኩልነትና ሉዓላዊነት ላይ ተመስርቶ የተቀረፀው ህገ መንግስታችን 20ኛ ዓመቱን የሚያከብርበት በመሆኑ ነው ብለዋል፡፡ E-Newsletter ያንብቡ

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